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Zerogoki is a leveraged token trading platform deployed on Ethereum and based on an algorithmic pegging mechanism.

Duet Protocol and Zerogoki conducted a successful Twitter space with Polygon Official, and QuickSwap on Sep 15th with nearly 500 active participants, and successfully started the Farm and Syrup pools on QuickSwap and attracted hundreds of thousands of TVL overnight.

2 Farm pools mentioned above have been LIVE. Dragon syrup pool is expected to kick off soon.

zUSD-USDC pair is generating as high as 1,000 % APY;

REI-QUICK pair is generating as high as 5,596 % APY;

Over the past few months, Zerogoki has expanded its reach with a couple of new decentralized exchange (DEX) options for users to have access to $REI and $zUSD tokens.

Today we’re more than thrilled to announce that QuickSwap will list REI and zUSD, and both sides will co-start Liquidity mining programs!

Available pairs :

  1. zUSD-USDC
  3. Dragon Syrup pool: stake QUICK to earn REI

QuickSwap is one of the largest DApps within the crypto space and the top-rated DEX on Polygon with tens of thousands of daily active users. Moreover, QuickSwap has harvested around $1 billion in TVL. …

Zerogoki, the world’s first algorithm pegged leverage synthetic assets platform, has announced the listing of its token “REI” on MEXC Exchange ( on the 13th of September 2021 at 11:00 a.m. UTC. Zerogoki is a pilot protocol developed by the passionate team behind the Duet protocol which is committed to building a parallel financial universe governed by DAO.

REI will start trading with the USDT pair.

What is REI?

REI, phonetically from the Japanese word ‘zero’ (れい)”, is the platform token as well as the core asset of Zerogoki, which fuels synthetic leveraged assets. For every $1 of synthetic assets minted, $1 of…

Zerogoki is proud to announce its integration with Polygon, a protocol that connects Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks, and arguably one of the greatest success stories in the blockchain world. This integration is a quintessential demonstration for real-world applications to launch and build on the Polygon Network.

Known as Ethereum’s Internet for Blockchains, Polygon is the first well-structured platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development which is highly user-friendly. It is a platform and framework that helps in building and bridging Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks.

How Zerogoki will benefit?

We’re excited that Zerogoki, a trading platform for derivatives deployed on multi-chain and based on an algorithmic anchor…

Are you a crypto influencer?

Then, join the Zerogoki Angel Program and get rewarded every time you promote our project.

We’re looking for crypto influencers; social media communities, bloggers, vloggers, designers, clubhouse speakers, growth hackers, advisors, KOLS, and anybody who has been contributing to the growth of thriving crypto sectors like DeFi and NFT is welcome to join.

The program will honor you with the title, Zerogoki Angel.

And here’s what that means.

Why Become a Zerogoki Angel?

  • Get recognized as an official ‘Zerogoki Angel’ on our social media channels.
  • Reap monthly rewards for the content published. (The prize pool is periodically increased.)
  • Token allocations on Zerogoki.
  • Occasional shoutout to…

About the contest

Can you make great-looking videos? If Yes, Zerogoki is inviting you to a YouTube Video Contest, where you have to make a short video on Zerogoki. Let’s hear from all our talented community members who have a knack for creativity. Submit an original video of at least 1 minute, introducing Zerogoki to a wider range of communities.

General Rules and Guidelines

  • The videos should be Zerogoki themed or should be Zerogoki-oriented only;
  • You can have more than one submission;
  • The video should be at least more than 60 secs (preferred 1 to 5 minutes long, can be longer if you have more to talk…


Zerogoki PILOTS will own their robot anime NFT’s for the first time.

To show gratitude to the users who stayed with the project during its highs and lows, and to explore the NFT space with Project Galaxy, Zerogoki has announced the launch of the “HODL & WIN ZEROGOKI NFT ‘’ event. This event aims to present a gamification loyalty system and provides effective long-term motivation for Zerogoki stakeholders and users.

Zerogoki is inspired by a classic Japanese robot manga, Evangelion, which is a shared memory for millennials. These robot figures are more than the metaphor strength and power of machines or battle with enemies. They constantly encourage people to confront their weaknesses…

Zerogoki and its stablecoin zUSD have been operating for over 1 month now. To keep the project upgraded, we always strive to launch new products and functions, and this time, Zerogoki has introduced a zUSD yielding feature: EARN.

Through Zerogoki Earn, users can deposit their zUSD and earn high APY as rewards in USDT.

zUSD is the stablecoin of Zerogoki based on an algorithm-pegging mechanism. Every zUSD is always worth $1 equivalent of REI. …

REI is the core asset of Zerogoki protocol and stands for the governance right of the system. The basic parameters and supporting assets of the current agreement are determined by the founding team and can be adjusted through DAO. The content of decision-making includes but is not limited to synthetic asset listing/delisting, the calculation method, and proportion of mint taxation, the emission speed of liquidity incentives and the distribution of each pool, the use of project reserves, etc.

The initial circulation of REI is 42,000,000 and the distribution plan is as follows:

Stake WEX to earn REI in Wpool

After the success of the REI-WEX farming pool and Wpool of REI which attracted around $1M in liquidity so far within 1 week (Nearly $400K liquidity has been provided to REI/WUSD pool, and over 100M $WEX has been staked for earning REI).

So with the support and love from the community, Wault Finance and Zerogoki have deepened the partnership by launching two new pools for the community with great rewards.

1. REI-BNB Pool

Now BSC users can now add liquidity to the REI/BNB liquidity pool and get a share of WEX in yield-farming rewards. The REI/BNB…


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