Zerogoki is a leveraged token trading platform deployed on Ethereum and based on an algorithmic pegging mechanism.


With an aim to build a sustainable parallel financial world and bring a brand new trading experience to our users, we are now launching the upgrade initiative of Zerogoki to Duet Protocol. In the near future, we will drive Duet protocol towards a fully functional project with a dual-channel mechanism…

Onboard BSC for 150%+ APR Stablecoin Pairs

With incredible support from the community, most of the zUSD on BSC has been aped into the Babyswap farm pool, which has reached over $210K in liquidity, and more amazingly, the daily volume of the pair keeping above $40K!

Considering that there are still a lot of users calling for…

A Guide on the LP mining of REI and zUSD on QuickSwap

Duet Protocol and Zerogoki conducted a successful Twitter space with Polygon Official, and QuickSwap on Sep 15th with nearly 500 active participants, and successfully started the Farm and Syrup pools on QuickSwap and attracted hundreds of thousands of TVL overnight.

2 Farm pools mentioned above have been LIVE. Dragon syrup pool is expected to kick off soon.

zUSD-USDC pair is generating as high as 1,000 % APY;

REI-QUICK pair is generating as high as 5,596 % APY;

Bridge your token from Ethereum to Polygon and enjoy the QuickSwap farming

Over the past few months, Zerogoki has expanded its reach with a couple of new decentralized exchange (DEX) options for users to have access to $REI and $zUSD tokens.

Today we’re more than thrilled to announce that QuickSwap will list REI and zUSD, and both sides will co-start Liquidity mining…


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