Sep 16, 2021

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How to enjoy the incredibly High Yield with over 5000%+ APY?

A Guide on the LP mining of REI and zUSD on QuickSwap

uet Protocol and Zerogoki conducted a successful Twitter space with Polygon Official, and QuickSwap on Sep 15th with nearly 500 active participants, and successfully started the Farm and Syrup pools on QuickSwap and attracted hundreds of thousands of TVL overnight.

2 Farm pools mentioned above have been LIVE. Dragon syrup pool is expected to kick off soon.

zUSD-USDC pair is generating as high as 1,000 % APY;

REI-QUICK pair is generating as high as 5,596 % APY;

Dragon Syrup pool: Stake QUICK to earn REI, is expected to generate roughly 6,500+ REI/day, which will also last for 2 months.

How to buy $REI and $zUSD to enjoy the QuickSwap Yield Farming?

For REI and zUSD,​​

1)Go to Quickswap’s interface “swap”, to buy REI, zUSD, and/or QUICK,

REI and zUSD have both been whitelisted on QuickSwap, which means you can have access to them simply by typing the symbol.

2)Provide liquidity to REI-QUICK, and/or zUSD-USDT trading pairs, (Tip: the two pools are both in 50%- 50%)

3)Farm on

Go the the “farms>>>LP farming” interface, type “Zerogoki” within the searching bar, then you can deposit your REI-QUICK LP token and/or zUSD-USDC LP token(tip: which may be a little confusing, but they both would appear as UNI-V2 token in your Metamask or other wallets).

Last but not least, high yields are always in principle: “First come First served ”, enjoy the share of the pie.

REI contract address on Polygon:


zUSD contract address on Polygon:


QUICK contract address on Polygon:


REI-QUICK Pool address:

zUSD-USDC Pool address:

About Zerogoki

Zerogoki is a trading platform for derivatives deployed on multi-chain and based on an algorithmic anchor mechanism to create leverage tokens. A pilot version from Duet Protocol, Zerogoki can provide users with leverage tools for both emerging and traditional assets such as Crypto, Gold, Bonds, or even Metaverse Index. Users can use the platform token REI to cast leverage tokens or use the protocol’s synthetic dollar anchor asset-zUSD to buy leverage assets directly. Going forward, Zerogoki will also provide novel financial derivatives, offering users more vehicles to mint or trade as well as more earning strategies for other participants.

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