Aug 19, 2021

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Introducing Zerogoki x Wault Finance farming pool on BSC

In collaboration with Wault Finance, Zerogoki is glad to introduce two farm pools for users:

  2. WPool

You can either earn REI by staking WEX in the WPool for 2 months, or get APY (up to 6 figure %) in WEX by being a Liquidity provider of the REI-WUSD pool for 3 months, and get incentivized with tens of hundreds of dollar equivalent tokens.

Users who deploy their assets into WPool( earn REI by staking WEX), and REI-WUSD liquidity mining pool, could enjoy the benefits as following:

  • Returns up to 6 digits %
  • REI and WEX rewards

Launch time: 2 p.m. UTC 20th Aug 2021

Duration: WPool for 2 months, and REI-WUSD Liquidity Mining pool for 3 months.

  1. Trade REI on Wault Finance
  2. Trade REI on PancakeSwap
  3. Trade REI on 1inch or DODO with DEX aggregating ability on BSC
  4. Cross Chain bridge from Zerogoki (Ethererum) using Uniswap V2 REI_USDT LP token

Zerogoki will open a one-click cross-chain channel during the same period, and Ethereum users who support Zerogoki liquidy can replace Uniswap V2 LP with bREI on BSC as shown below.

1. Provide the liquidity to REI with USDT on Zerogoki main page, and get LP token: REI/USDT Uni-V2 LP token

2. The system will calculate the number of REI that can be exchanged based on a discounted price of REI on Uniswap at the time of the end of this activity. (the exchange rate is 80%). This snapshot time is 6:00 a.m. UTC, 22nd Aug.

3. After completing the Uniswap v2 LP transaction, the user will receive the exchanged amount of bREI at the same address on the BSC chain at the end of this activity.

4. The LP cross-chain exchange event will end at 6:00 a.m. UTC, 22nd Aug. The Uniswap V2 LP that users trade for BSC REI is not redeemable. bREI corresponds to the REI on the Ethereum side in a one-to-one relationship. After the event, the exchange channel will be closed.

5. The bREI settlement will be finished after this activity closes. Users can receive their bREI at the same address on BSC.

6. At present, the cross-chain assets of REI and zAssets in BSC are carried out by the project team, and the cross-chain bridge will be opened to the users under the conditions that the system is sufficiently safe and stable.

7. The address of BSC’s REI contract is: 0x765B85839717Ebfc84378b83381A4814897A0506

Wault Finance is a cross-chain decentralized finance hub that connects all the primary DeFi use-cases within one simple platform. We make the benefits of DeFi accessible in an intuitive way; saving you from the confusing interfaces, expensive fees, and unknown risks of other projects. With these goals in mind, we’ve built a protocol with some unique features we believe will amplify the power of wealth accumulation for our users. Wault Finance is the top 10 DEx on BSC, which has over $220M TVL, and nearly $400M among all the chains.

Zerogoki, a transliteration of ‘零号機’ in Japanese, stands for the experimental model Unit-00, and its token REI is the pronunciation of the word ‘zero’ (れい) in Japanese. Thus, it’s a metaphor for a prototype. Zerogoki is a leveraged token trading platform based on an algorithmic pegging mechanism, which can provide users with leverage tools for traditional assets such as foreign exchange, gold, and bonds. Users can use the platform token REI to cast leverage tokens or use the protocol’s synthetic dollar-zUSD to buy leverage assets directly.

As the pilot experimental protocol from Duet Protocol, which only has the Lite-minting module of Duet Protocol, in Zerogoki, the synthetic assets are generated only by burning the protocol asset-REI, and the volatile leverage tokens are chosen as the listed assets to increase the system test pressure.

Zerogoki produces two types of assets, the system token REI, and the synthetic asset zAsset. The system token REI has governance rights and serves as the fuel to burn for minting synthetic assets. zAsset includes stablecoin zUSD and other leveraged tokens, and the system encourages zUSD as a quote currency. The conversion rate in the minting procedure is determined by the Zerogoki Oracle, which will not follow the price fluctuations in the on-chain swap market but will follow the price calculated from off-chain prices where these assets have better liquidity.

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