Project Zero Cyborg NFT second phase minting User Guide

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With 5,000 originally minted “The Project Zero” NFTs swiftly coming out since the first round of minting initiated on 30th September, Zerogoki and Duet Protocol has partnered with NFT Bazaar ( to announce the next minting phase of The Project Zero on 14th October(at 7 AM UTC )!

Deployed on the Polygon network, Project Zero is a unique crypto collection with a total number of 10,000 Genesis Cyborg NFT. A cyborg — a portmanteau of cybernetic and organism — is a being with both organic and biomechatronic body parts.

The story happened during the period of time when the earth was abandoned by humans, only left with a bleak, harsh view of waste and destitution. The ever-remaining human beings were striving for more survival space with help of the ultimate strength and magic power of those sophisticated Cyborgs, also known as The Project Zero (TPZ), these Cyborgs are the achievements of mankind’s top scientific technology, which are designed to fight against The Black Angels/Apostles threatening the life of human beings.

The Project Zero Token, Wars, Attributes, Planets, Angels,Weapons,TPZverse and mystery prizes are coming soon — — Future spaces and incentives will be released gradually in the community through roadmap activation.

This secret story describes a chronicle of the “Final Impact”. According to the latest information from relevant governmental departments, we’ve known that, at the end of 2021, a huge meteorite fell near the Antarctic iceberg. The high temperature melted ice, causing the unprecedentedly high water level followed by endless natural disasters and man-made calamities. Right before human beings finally regained the blessings of nature to orderly repair and recast the earth civilization, in 2035, the edge of the horizon line began to shake and twist, and seventeen Apostles in different shapes and thoughts flew from the most far-away place on this planet. In history, we call it “Evil Seraphim Falls.”

When faced with panic and doubts of mankind, 16 out of all 17 apostles seemed to be indifferent and unmoved, but only Lilith, the Dream Demon who has eaten the fruit of wisdom in the Bible, warned mankind by saying that “the earth should be their homeland… rather than ‘the actual Intruders’, namely the human beings. To punish and salvate the human beings, the apostles decide to launch three ‘Impacts’, with each ‘Impact’ happened every ten years. During the period of time between every two impacts, the apostles will sleep intermittently in order to give mankind a little mercy from God. If, and only if mankind can survive after the ‘Final Impact’, they will forgive and leave the planet to their own.”

Although informed of “the doomed destiny”, in the next thirty years the human-beings have to make every effort possible to avoid the three impacts that would cause imminent doom to the world. Military weapons, curvature engines, and even controllable gamma-ray bursts (developed in 2044) all have no effective power on the coming Apostles. And just in the last year right before mankind giving up their resistance, all the political powers gathered together with the inconceivable amount of money and all the top technologies and resources to finally develop a kind of “Universal Humanoid Decisive Cyborg”. By opening up the behavioral linkage between the driver’s spirit and the cyborg, the miraculous spiritual spectrum and the light embedded with the last trace of human will seem to give “Her” the ability to communicate with the apostles and even fight against them.

Hence, in the next 29 years, both evil and upright 10,000 human beings selected by the angels, with their humanoid cyborgs destined for this project called “The Project Zero” (TPZ), head forward, defend themselves and make huge sacrifices in this blood-colored Red Sea horizon frontline. Finally, they successfully defeat the two impacts, with all human beings waiting and heading for the final one.

The Project Zero has the same body structure as humans. Their bodies are made up of particle waves, and their overall body shape seems to be genetically determined, however, their components will be different depending on their different models. The Project Zero is equipped with 1,200 pieces of special armor that can withstand low-yield nuclear explosions and protect the cyborg from conventional weapons. These pieces of armor are both armor and mechanical restraints — restraints designed to control the explosive energy contained within the body. They also have the ability to create fields that can protect The Project Zero Cyborg while destroying apostolic power at the same time.

Simple Demonstration of Two Unique the Project Zero NFTs

The Project Zero NFT consists of 8 components, which from top to bottom respectively are the headband, ears, helmet, eyes, face, shoulder guards, chest piece, and arm, corresponding to The Project Zero arming, monitoring, defense, induction, power supply, external weapons, field expansion, and other functional units. Each component has a different set of attributes, which follow the given genes to create a unique The Project Zero cyborg.

There is a total of 10,000 The Project Zeros, 300 will be reserved.

The Project Zero Mint timeline (The Second Minting Phase Begins at 7 AM UTC on14th Oct 2021 ):

The Project Zero Phase I released: 5,000 NFTs (successfully rounded-off)

The Project Zero Phase II released: 4,700 NFTs in two tranches.

The following table will show the specific parameters and attributes of The Project Zero

We will try to build a brand new metaverse around The Project Zero Cyborg in the very near future through developing a series of derivative ecosystems including tokens, wars, attributes, planets, apostles, weapons, 3D visualization, etc. The Project Zero NFT Holders (including V1 and V2) are planned to be open to casting for free. At the same time, we will work with the community to continuously accept and launch new contents to further enrich the composability and worldview of The Project Zero.

The Project Zero Ecology projects will be gradually opened in the following order:

  1. TPZT (The Project Zero Token): the base digital currency of the Project Zero Cyborg metaverse.
  2. Wars: either participate in the exciting PVP combat mode or confrontation (2V2 or 5V5), battlefield (40V40) mode can give you opportunities of winning battle rewards.
  3. Attributes: highest “Strength Attribute Value” does not mean you can always win the combat but try to empower your the Project Zero NFTs with the most ingenious combination of five attributes (strength, agility, endurance, spirit & intelligence).
  4. Planets: staking TPZT to each boundary consortium within the Project Zero Metaverse will receive a high level of mining rewards.
  5. Apostles: PVE module of The Project Zero Metaverse as you will have a chance to fight against each apostle (17 in total) in turn to win the limited edition of TPZT.
  6. Weapons: certain rare artifacts (include but are not limited to the high-vibration particle knives, sonic spears, and positivity cannons) will have a chance to help you to be invincible in the PVE and PVP combats.
  7. 3D Visualization: Each 2D Cyborg has a chance to transform into its 3D version for free once this function is activated. Meanwhile, the team is currently designing the 3D skin design module, not only to make each skin a unique NFT but possibly, make it a wearable NFT device to empower Cyborg as well.

Steps for Claiming the Project Zero NFT

  1. Polygon Mainnet Configuration

Add Polygon Network

Enter the following information in the field

Network Name: Polygon Mainnet



symbol: MATIC

Block Explorer URL:

Click Save to complete Polygon network configuration successfully.

Searching Polygon on for configuration will also be recommended.

2. A few MATIC will be needed as a gas fee on Polygon

3. Click the following TPZ contract address, choose Write Contract

4. Connect to Web 3 wallet

5. Click Write to claim your own TPZ Cyborg NFT (a certain amount of Matic is needed)

  1. Login to your NFT Bazaar Account (Up-right Corner of Wallet Connection) and connect on Metamask Wallet and Proceed to add Polygon Mainnet

To add Polygon’s Mainnet, click on the network selection dropdown and then on Custom RPC.

It will open up a tab as you can see on the top, add “Polygon Mainnet” in the Network Name field, New RPC URL “”, 137 in the Chain ID field, MATIC in Currency Symbol field, and in Block Explorer URL field as shown below.

Then you will find the network status on the upper column of NFT Bazaar.

2. Click on the “My Item” Button to enter the User Center, and If, and only if, you have already obtained The Project Zero NFTs on Polygon, your Tokens will be automatically there.

3. If this is the first time you’ve linked your Polygon Mainnet to, you probably need Your Wallet to “Approve zUSD Spend and Receiving Functions” by double-clicking the authorization button to get yourself fully ready for our platform.

Duet Bridge has provided a seeming less resolution for Users to transfer their $REI or $zUSD from Ethereum to Polygon Chain. You can find the bridge front desk at: (Note: the bridge opens everyday between 2:00 AM to 4:00 AM UTC)

4. Re-click the NFT(s) you want to list for sale on the token detail page as follows. Sell it either at a Fixed-price or in the Auction Mode by simply pressing the “Sale” Button and key in the price and Unit you want. Remember to open the drop-down menu to zUSD/Matic if you need.

Go to the Marketplace Site ( ) and You Can Find Your Listed TPZ Cyborg Here (also available to be viewed in “My Items”: ).

5. Back to the token detail page, you can view the Bid/Sales setting status. For instance, the following screenshot illustrates The Project Zero NFT Sold in fixed-price status.

6. Similar to selling the Project Zero NFT at a fixed price, if you are about to auction-sell the NFTs, as shown in the figure below. Buyers can enter the detail page and click the button at the bottom to bid. The highest bidder (need to pay the corresponding fee; if payment is invalid, the following bidder is eligible) will have this token.

When the auction ends, please always remember to withdraw your funds from the smart contract, which in return switch the ownership of the sold the Project Zero NFT to the highest bidder. You can always check the bidding situation in “My Item” and pay attention to the changes of funds in Metamask.

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