Sep 22, 2021

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Zerogoki Ambassador Program V2! Bigger Contribution! Bigger Rewards!

Become One of the Evangelions for Zerogoki and receive high rewards!!!

No upper limit to earn each month! The more you contribute, the more you earn!


Zerogoki is committed to building a robust and stable platform for the synthesis assets in line withDuet Protocol. We believe that it is not just the technology that matters, but also the people behind it. Therefore we’re now looking for passionate individuals to promote awareness and educate the wider community so as to jointly drive the growth of Zerogoki for better use cases.

Why become an Ambassador?

The answer is simple; to be an explorer for a new financial world i.e. DeFi. What’s more enticing? An Ambassadorship grants the following privileges:

  • Get rewarded for your contribution;
  • Direct lines to the core team through dedicated invite-only Ambassador Prior channel on Discord Server;
  • Distinctive Ambassador profile badge on the Zerogoki Discord;
  • Zerogoki branded event swag to give out at your own offline events;
  • Gain valuable experience within the blockchain industry and behind-the-scenes access to the Project;
  • Greater involvement in decision-making processes by providing direct feedback to relevant Project officials.

Who do we expect?

Active individuals who are willing to go above and beyond their duties by offering timely, consistent, and beneficial contributions to the project, for instance, explain what the project is all about to a worldwide audience so as to increase Zerogoki’s awareness and provide insights into specific aspects of Zerogoki. These special people are Zerogoki desired Ambassadors.

What you’ll do?

Ambassadors are supposed to be role models as well as thought leaders and influencers in this new digital era.

There are now 3 roles for a Zerogoki Ambassador to achieve our expectations:

Content Creator

Content Creators are committed to educating the community and the wider public about the project through engaging, informative, and insightful content in the form of videos, blogs, graphic designs, podcasts, or any other form of artistic production.

Channel Leader

Channel Leaders are committed to hosting regular online AMA or offline Zerogoki meetups or host podcasts, audio/video sessions to connect with fellow DeFi enthusiasts to educate them about Zerogoki and create think-tanks, and have open debates. Channel Leaders take networking to the next level by exploring new paradigms of social interaction through discussing the use of smart contracts and decentralized finance (DeFi), trade, and communication.


Translators are committed to explaining the Zerogoki project to non-English speaking communities by translating and sharing content in different languages.

Ambassador Rewards

To encourage, share rewards and recognize meaningful contributions by our community members, two main sectors of the Zerogoki Ambassador Program Rewards Scheme are designed:

- The actual reward for your contributions in your primary Ambassador role;

- Three Ambassador Levels, which will give you the option to contribute in additional Ambassador roles, as shown below:

Level 1 (Evangelion Unit-01) Ambassador — can be rewarded for contributions in 3 roles;

Level 2 (Evangelion unit-13) Ambassador — can be rewarded for contributions in 2 roles;

Level 3 (Evangelion mark.06) Ambassador — can be rewarded for contribution in 1 role.

In addition, every quarter we’ll announce the top 3 Ambassadors worldwide according to their performance. Those Ambassadors can get the chance to be upgraded in the Ambassador Level, and if you’re one of them you’ll earn even more rewards!

Role details

Content Creator

— Google form link:


  • At least three previously published pieces of content.

Criteria to Assess Content:

  • Graphics, text, articles, blogs, how-to guides, audio, video, and/or visual content are all acceptable.
  • Informs the public about the technical/social aspects of Zerogoki and REI Tokens.
  • Must be grammatically correct and in a language approved by Zerogoki.
  • Represents the values of Zerogoki.
  • Information is up-to-date and well presented, not duplicative.
  • Video and audio are of high quality in resolution, editing, and production value efforts; graphic design work shows proficiency in execution.
  • The number of audience members must meet our required standard.
  • *Price and trading-related content, especially speculation or over-hyping REI/zAssets or our project, is not eligible content*


If your content is approved by us for publication, you will be rewarded depending on which one of the below tiers that we determine that your content falls within on a monthly basis.

Tier 1 — $ 400 USD for Enhanced / $ 300 USD for Others

  • Content takes a considerable amount of research and time to complete
  • If it is a blog post/article, it should be 800 words or more
  • More technical or detailed information than included in other tiers

Tier 2 — $ 300 USD for Enhanced / $ 200 USD for Others

  • Content takes some research, time, and accompanying graphics to complete
  • If it’s a blog post/article, it should be between 500 and 800 words

Tier 3 — $ 50 USD for Enhanced/ $ 30 USD for others

  • Content is easy to create/write
  • Good quality graphics / video
  • If it’s a blog post/article, it should be 500 words or less

Tier 00

  • Compensation will be made on a case-by-case basis and depend on the length and complexity and quality of the content.

If you are planning to create a piece of content, you must:

  1. Submit a general description of the proposed content via this Google Form for approval. This allows us to do an initial screen as to whether your content meets our basic criteria. Once approved, you can start your work.
  2. After you have finished your work, you must submit a link to your content in the same google form for review by us.
  3. Once we reviewed your content for factual accuracy and approved that content, we will notify you in writing if it is accepted for publication by you including our assignment of a Tier rating.
  4. Publish your work and post links to it (if necessary).
  5. Send us a link to your published work including links to where it can be found on Telegram and Discord. Our receipt of these links will serve as your request for payment and trigger Zerogoki’s obligation to pay you.

If you publish content before receiving our approval, you may be eligible for compensation. Please submit the type of content, description of your content, and link to your work via the google form for approval and review. We discourage our Content Creators from publishing content before receiving our approval.

Global Channel Leader


  • Member of our Telegram or Discord channels for at least one month.
  • Must be active on Zerogoki’s social channels including Twitter and discord.
  • Valid URL links of your meetup groups or community moderation with proof of previously hosted events must be provided.


  • Host at least one community meetup (offline/ online) in your community channel every month to maintain the Ambassador status. The purpose of these events is to reach out to your local community and promote Zerogoki and remove any doubts community members might have.
  • Moderate your native language community social channel for any fear, uncertainty, and doubt.
  • Submit a written summary on the forum or upload a video recording of the event with short interviews or photos on Youtube.


  • $350 worth of REI per month for the baseline reward, $ 150 for organizing the online/offline meetup, and $ 300 for a video recording for YouTube, Video AMA, etc.
  • Grants for community-led events are given on an as-needed basis.



  • Must be fluent in your target languages and English, and a certificate of language proficiency is required.
  • Already translated any sort of written content related to Zerogoki and shared that content on at least one platform, including subtitles for project videos, articles, blogs, announcements, or anything else that is of interest to the community;
  • Have translated and published at least 3,000 words in total (of which at least 1,000 words were translated and published in the month prior to the application for the Translator role).


Case by case based on skills and targeted language

Application Procedures

  1. Fill up the Application Form in Google Form and submit it online

2. We will review applications and contact you if your applications are approved, no later than a week after the application is submitted.

FAQ’s on the Ambassador Program

Q1. Does being a long-time member of the Zerogoki community help my application?

We plan to give preference and priority to Ambassador applications submitted by individuals that are long-serving members of our Discord or Telegram communities and/or their prior contributions to those communities.

Q2. When should I hear back about my application?

We expect to approve applications to be an Ambassador no later than a week after the application is submitted. Zerogoki has sole discretion in any selection as an Ambassador, determining if the Content Creators receive enhanced status, approval of content ideas and the tier, and approval of the final Zerogoki content before publication.

Q3. Will I get paid in Zerogoki Tokens?

While compensation is described above by reference to U.S Dollar (“USD”), all compensation due to an Ambassador will be paid solely in an equivalent amount of REI Tokens. The number of REI you receive for services or content in the prior month will be based on the market value of the REI Tokens within not more than [48] hours of transfer of the REI to you. Zerogoki will determine the market value in good faith judgment and we expect to establish that value by reference to ​data platforms such as CoinMarketCap.

Q4. When and how will I get paid?

Payment to our Ambassadors will be made no later than the 30th day of the month for services or approved content published during the prior month. Payment will be made by transfer of REI to the account that corresponds to the public key that you provide to us in writing.

Q5. Who pays any applicable taxes?

Each Ambassador is responsible for payment of and all applicable taxes related to their services and contributed content. Zerogoki will not do any withholding or payment with respect to an Ambassador’s tax obligation.

Q6. Am I an employee or Agent of Zerogoki?

You are an independent contractor and not an employee or agent of Zerogoki. You have no right to incur any obligation on Zerogoki’s behalf. You can terminate your status as an Ambassador at any time and for any reason. Similarly, your appointment as an Ambassador can be revoked, suspended, or conditioned by Zerogoki at any time and for any reason.

Q7. How can content that I publish or post be used?

Once published, your content can be used or referenced by anyone for any purpose. In particular, by acting as an Ambassador you are granting to Zerogoki the non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide right and license, without restriction or limitation, to publish, broadcast, and otherwise use and distribute, any and all content or portion thereof that you say, publish or post about Zerogoki platform in any all printed, audio, visual, electronic mixed media or other formats.

Q8. What rights does Zerogoki retain?

Zerogoki has sole discretion in selecting all Ambassadors, determining if Content Creator receives Enhanced status, approval of content ideas and designation of the applicable tie, and final approval of the Zerogoki content before publication.

Q9. Can I have multiple Ambassador roles?

Yes. You would need to be separately selected for each by Zerogoki and if so selected, you would be separately compensated for each.

Note: We encourage thoughtful, respectful, and accurate dialogue about Zerogoki and so we expect you to abide by that general Code of Conduct while acting as an Ambassador and if you are an Active Promoteror Channel Leader enforce that Code of Conduct in the social media channel that you moderate and/or monitor.

Q10. Does Zerogoki’s Code of Conduct* apply to me?

Yes. We encourage thoughtful, respectful, and accurate dialogue about Zerogoki and we published a Zerogoki Code of Conduct applicable to our social media communities. We expect you to abide by that Code of Conduct while acting as an Ambassador and if you are an Active Promotor Channel Leader enforce that Code of Conduct in the social media channel that you moderate and/or monitor.

For any further queries check with our admins on Discord or Telegram.

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